In this world, we can see a lot of people who share a love for vintage vehicles. The main reason for the love for the vintage among the newest models is passion. There are several ways to share your love for vintage cars. Some of them are joining some vintage club, writing about vintage cars in magazines, or connecting people on the same through a blog. Similarly, you can also see a variety of amazing blogs about vintage cars online. One such vintage vehicle is the famous roof mowers. Roof mowers often call as roof palomino with a mower deck 

Reasons for a vintage vehicle to be collectible

Specifically, there are three basic areas that affect a vintage car to be collectible. They are:-

  • Age
  • Collectability mainly depends on the age of the car.
  • Specifically, the older the car greater is the value of it.
  • With age, it must also work perfectly as a new one.
  • However, it should also hold some historic significance.
  • Similarly, the car has to hold some separate position in the automobile world.
  • Indeed, it should also be better if it was able to bring changes in design language.
  • Or a severe change that happens in the period of technology comparing with ordinary vehicles at that time.
  • Rarity
  • Special or limited editions are clearly desirable for collectors.
  • For example, owning a special vintage gives a sense of being exclusive among others.
  • However, sports and supercar creators are very particular and show great interest in making a few batches of more powerful cars.
  • In fact, this is why such cars will be having great demand in the future.
  • Similarly, their demand does not erode as they age.
  • However, rarer the vehicle, spare parts availability becomes very much difficult.
  • Design
  • We all like to have beautiful things, and cars are no exception.
  • Especially, well-designed and beautiful vehicles will surely cause love for that vehicle.
  • For example, roof mowers or roof palomino, there are always collectors on sale.
  • As a result, the demand for this jeep is always high.

What is a Roof Palomino?

  • A “Roof Palomino” or roof mowers is a special and rare mini jeep.
  • This jeep’s production was made at the Roof factory in Pontiac, Illinois.
  • The production of this vehicle was in the early 1960s.
  • The company production of this palomino was only 200.
  • A brand new palomino was very expensive at that time.
  • The cost of the vehicle was $1700 in the era of $3000 cars.
  • The cost was a reason for the less sale of this palomino as only the rich were able to afford it. 

Specialties of a Roof Palomino

  • The roof mowers have three overlapping, twenty-inch blades which can mow up to five acres of land in an hour.
  • Similarly, a palomino can sweep and plow roadways.
  • Handles payloads up to 700 pounds.
  • Transports personnel or pieces of equipment at speeds up to 17 mph.
  • In fact, you can drive it anywhere.
  • It has a big and its flotation tires tread lightly over the turf.
  • However, they provide plenty of traction under all conditions.
  • So you need not worry about moving this vehicle on any terrain.
  • Large Kohler engines enable the palomino enough power to cut even tall grass.
  • The engine requires only less servicing.
  • Attachment and detachment of the mowing deck are very simple.
  • Adjustment of rollers for cutting different heights of grass.
  • Such a vehicle does not need a title or a registration.
  • The palomino is a very special mower made ahead of time.
  • And still, we have palominos in running condition.


Specs of Roof Palomino

The specifications of roof mowers are the following:-

  • Large Kohler two-cylinder engine with 18 horsepower.
  • It can have a 60 inch cut of grass.
  • 06-gallon fuel tank capacity.
  • Stamped disc wheels in front and rear.
  • Optional operator’s cabin.
  • Optional 60-inch dozer blade.
  • Hydro-static drive with the two-speed rear axle.
  • Detachable mower deck.
  • 12-volt battery with an easy start-up.


Uses of  a Roof Palomino

The uses of the roof mowers are:-

  • It has a capable speed of 25 mph.
  • Similarly, it can cut a 5-foot swath without any lag.
  • Likewise, as the mowing deck is detachable it can be in use as a mini jeep.
  • It was also underutilization in golf carts.
  • In fact, It was a very useful vehicle for harvesting fields in the 1960s by wealthy people.
  • However, it creates huge attention in this present time while driving.
  • Similarly, driving on the streets also is possible on these jeeps.
  • Since it has a hydra static drive, it is very easy in using the palomino.
  • They also come with horns and lights, which makes them suitable at low light also.


Summing Up

The roof mowers or the palomino has a great resemblance to early jeeps. As a result, the roof mowers are having a common transformation to utility vehicles by most of the vintage lovers. Most of them get rid of the mowing deck. They can also be in use out in streets in your community as per local ordinances of your area. However, the main catching specialty is that it does not require a title or registration. Similarly, out of the total 200 palomino from the manufacturing unit in Illinois only a few is available at present in the world. Collecting one of these will be a great achievement in your life. A lot of ads regarding the sale of these are being put on the internet. However, you can double check your budget to find if you are able to afford one. Consequently, these roof mowers are very rare in present time and hence, they are highly collectible as a vintage car or a mini jeep. 


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