Make your home attractive with greener house

Home is a place to relax and enjoy. We always look around the greenery nature to get some peace of mind.  So how good it will be if you can enjoy this greenery in your greener house itself. Indoor plants brighten up indoor spaces and it also has mood-boosting quality.

The most popular benefit of greener house

It is very easy to take care of. They also have certain health benefits too. You can even decorate your living room with a wide variety of indoor plants. Indoor plants are a great option for those people who don’t have enough space to grow plants outdoor. These plants are a boon to those people who live in a climate with severely cold winters.

Specialties of greener house

  • The nursery specializes in those plants that grow in low-light conditions. 
  • The nursery provides you with low maintenance, pet-safe, or beginner-friendly plants.
  • They also have a wide variety of easy plants that work in the balcony and courtyard as well
  • They even have a huge range of pots and planters with a variety of styles and colors.
  • Most of the collections in the greener house are hand-made locally by ceramicists from the Melbourne region.
  • The ceramics of the nursery range from bright and colorful to earthy and modern designs.
  • The plant stands are also extraordinary. The materials being using range from wicker rattan to more modern powder-coated metal.
  • They also provide watering cans, plant misters, fertilizers, and even neem oil treatments.
  • There are many successful online nurseries around the world. The greener house is one of the finest indoor plant nurseries in Melbourne. They not only provide quality plants to the customers but also gives tips and suggestions too. All the staff of brunswick nursery is horticulturalists with years of experience. These nurseries will change the attitude of people towards nature.

Guidance and advice of the nursery


  • The staff of the greener house got the experience, to advise the customers on plants that will work best 
  • The nursery helps you to get these plants online too 
  • You have to mention on what condition you decide to plant 
  • The nursery has experience in growing indoor plants in tiny apartments as well as long dark terrace houses.
  • You just want to browse the different collections on the online store.
  • Now  sort according to your indoor plant categories such as low light, beginner, pet friendly, and hanging indoor plants
  • The finest part is that once you purchase a plant from the store and if it gets set then 
  • All the questions related to the plants are answerable by the staff even online
  •  Then you simply want to email with photos of the plant


    The refund policy of greener house

  • If you are planning to make a return or exchange then you should do it as soon as possible.
  • Along with the brief description you have to attach the photos of the plants with an issue.
  • It is your responsibility to share as much information as possible to assist the staff.
  • Proof of purchase is compulsory for the return
  • Since all the products are under insurance, within 3 days you have to submit the issue
  • Return is not possible after 30 days of purchase.
  • If the damage is because of the customer then also refund is not possible  


All about indoor plants

  • Indoor plants are simply those plants that grow indoors.
  • Most of the time we get these plants in containers themselves. So it is not necessary to plant them.
  • You need to plant it only if the plant is growing big or
  • If you are planning to grow bulbs indoors.
  • The light requirement of the plant depends on the plants you are growing.
  • So you have to research the greener house before choosing a plant
  • Plants like succulents and cacti need continuous daily sunlight 
  • Whereas plants with foliage need only 8 hours of light per day.


Points to remember while choosing an indoor plant

  • First of all, you have to check the condition of the root. Roots with thick and light color are healthy.
  • It is not possible to pull out the plant from the pot but if it is a small plant it can be done
  • Secondly, you have to check the foliage of the plant. If the foliage is thick enough then you can’t see through it
  • Finally, you have to check whether there is any disease for the plant. White dots or sticky residue on the leaves and bad odor are the signs of plants with the disease.


Online nurseries

  • Many online sites provide indoor plants. One among them is greener house.
  • You can simply order your products from any part of the world
  • The melbourne indoor plants of the nursery are very famous.
  • Another important thing to notice is that it creates a great career opportunity for youngsters
  • This movement will create an impact on people on the importance of planting
  • It is high time to create awareness regarding the same.

  About  lygon st nursery

  • They have a huge collection of both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • They also provide gardening products, tools, and books for all your gardening needs.
  • The staff of the nursery is very efficient  and they can guide you very well to select the plant
  • They also deliver landscape design services to the customers
  • The availability of the plants keeps on changing so you have to book your order  before
  • Another online site is the folia house this also provides Melbourne indoor plants.
  • The nursery also offers rare plants to its customers.
  • Along with plants they also offer accessories like gift wrap, indoor plant food, and neem oil leaf shine, etc.


Summing up

 Indoor plants will have a great future ahead. The career opportunity it brings is great. Surprise your dear ones by gifting a plant pot. Let us all come together to protect our nature for the future generation.


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